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How to redirect a WordPress page

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How to redirect a WordPress page


In the following example, we needed a way to link a wordpress page to another location. For example, we had a site that was previously pointing to but we wanted it to point to . We found an easy solution to get this done with a few simple steps. 

Install the “Page Links To” plugin via the Wordpress dashboard panel. Alternatly, you can download the plugin from the following location and upload it to your plugins directory. 


Once you have installed and activated the plugin you can create the page you wish to redirect.


Leave the page blank and before publishing, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “A custom URL” setting and enter the URL that you wish to direct the newly created page.


After you input your custom URL you can publish the page and when you navigate to you will be redireected seemlessly to

This is a great way to handle Wordpress page redirection if you do not wish to do it at the server level. 

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Below you can find more inofrmation regarding the “Page Link To” plugin.



Morgan Ruffin
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