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What our clients are saying?

“We have used Technijian already in the past before this migration to office 365 for our email and office apps, so we already had an expectation of superlative service from past experiences with Technijian. As a CTO of 3 companies I have never had a migration go so smoothly. Technijian staff performed the migration after hours and was monitoring through the weekend ensuring nothing was impacted. The documents Technijian created were used directly by employees to configure their devices for the migration and we had 0 issues post migration. Many thanks to Technijian for making this go so smoothly and positioning our company in the cloud for future growth.”

Anonymous Employment Services Client

"Technijian always goes above and beyond to resolve any task or question I have. Thank you for all your help!"

Gabriela M. Hospitality Services Client

"Technijian is amazing and VERY helpful!"

Dan O. Insurance Services Client

"Technijian is patient, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough and excellent with follow-up. He’s also very good at being available for questions or to solve problems along the way. Superb service!"

Eden U. Hospitality Service Client

"As a “spa person” and definitely not an “IT person”, I consistently felt supported and well translated during the transition. I got all the information I needed and requested, but, was not bombarded with pages and pages I do not understand, not do I wish to. Thank you"

Anonymous Hospitality Services Client

“Technijian is always willing to help out and go above and beyond our requests. Things don’t always go according to plan and may take longer than expected, in which this case, that’s exactly what occurred. Yet, Technijian, was kind enough to ensure all of our computers were up and running on a Friday evening in order for our team to not have to withstand any problems or delays come Monday morning when working with their new computers. Thanks so much Technijian for always having such a great attitude and so much patience when we call"

Esther G. Food & Beverage Service Client

“Your team was responsive and made sure that business continued smoothly without much interruption. I am appreciative of the work you and your team put in and I was impressed by how well you worked with Peter’s team to make sure that all pieces of the puzzle were connected.”

Stavonne B. Loan Services Client